Freight Audit Services

  INTRODUCTION Usually, shippers negotiate contracts with one or more carriers to ship products around the globe or around the country then hire freight bill auditing and payment companies to review contracts, tariffs, and rates, Read More

Freight and Shipping Expenses

In some company verticals as well as in manufacturing sectors where transport acquisition or procurement for freight is an element of their day to day business, there is a lot of uncertainty as regards how and when to analyze general company’s freight accounting.

Dependable, Trustworthy, Accountable

About Us: Based on the President and CEO Melissa Gracey’s vision of Dependable, Trustworthy, Accountable, DTA strives to provide the best transportation freight audit, payment, reporting services to US, Canada and international clients. Our vision Read More

Freight Audit Process

Freight Audit Process Our freight audit process is based on the research, experience and knowing freight costs can make up 4% of an organization’s expenditure. As a consequence of rising freight costs, an increasing number Read More

Freight Bill Auditing 101

If you ship goods anywhere on a regular basis, chances are you’ve done your best to keep a tight lid on shipping and freight costs by choosing a reliable and trusted stable of carriers, and Read More

Freight Rates

There is not much mystery in how carriers go about setting their freight rates. The “cost-plus” pricing model is the simplest and most widely-used approach by many carriers. The carrier totals up costs for doing Read More

How to control freight transportation costs?

How does a 3PL help! A logistics partner can help you control freight transportation costs by managing a significant portion or all of your logistics requirements. The partner may supply data, analytic, accounting, transportation cost Read More

Data is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management


Ways in which big data is revolutionizing the supply chain management
The supply chains have always been driven by quantifiable KPIs and statistics.

Business Intelligence in Shipping Data

Imagine knowing your Business Intelligence in Shipping Data, precise cost every day, month or year to ship Product A, B, C, D, etc. — even if it is on a truckload with dozens of other Read More

Control Shipping Document Costs

  Anyone who ships goods and products knows it can generate a lot of paper. Managing and storing those documents is a significant cost for many companies, not to mention being time-consuming, you need to Read More


FREIGHT INVOICE AUDITING Freight invoice auditing is a time-consuming process if done properly. Companies do not realize the importance of freight invoice auditing and miss out on opportunities to reduce transportation costs as a result. Read More

What Freight Analytics Can Do For You

Freight Analytics can help any medium or large business make important decisions when analyzing freight costs.

Freight Audit Experts

As one of Canada’s leading Freight Audit Experts, DTA Services can help you improve the management of your freight spend and increase your bottom line with accurate and seamless Accounting, Auditing and Analytics. DTA Services Read More

Transportation Metrics

Transportation Metrics, What You Need To Know! When every mile has a dollar worth, businesses need to track several details to keep them on a profitable course. This is why it is important that all Read More

Freight Audit Operations

How DTA Services Freight Audit Operations Can Help Your Business