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As one of Canada’s leading Freight Audit Experts, DTA Services can help you improve the management of your freight spend and increase your bottom line with accurate and seamless Accounting, Auditing and Analytics.

DTA Services has the systems, our freight bill process is automated and our people to provide Freight Audit Experts and performance analysis.

Audit Recoveries: DTA Services recovers an average of 1.9% of freight costs paid or due, with recovery rates of as much as 7.6% for some clients.

Duplicate Recoveries: DTA Services recovers an average of 1.3% of freight costs paid or due.

Total Clerical Recoveries: DTA Services recovers an average of 2.5% for all clients and as much as 11.65% for one client.

DTA Services Fees: For all of our clients, monies recovered from audits, duplicate catches and savings through recommendations and projects exceed DTA’s services fees.

Are You Over Paying Your Freight Partners?

DTA Services’ Freight Audit Experts are highly trained professionals who will evaluate your freight costs and reconcile the discrepancies. We will simplify your transportation requirements and find your savings.

From the moment you say go, our Freight Audit Experts will eliminate carrier invoice discrepancies and work hard to reduce your existing freight costs. Our experts will create a single database for all transportation and geography suspects and rapidly identify new leads to further optimize your supply chain operations.

Our Freight Audit Experts maximizing efficiency and minimizing freight savings, and our Data Analytics are committed to making this happen. We will position ourselves to be an extension of your transportation team allowing you to focus on your core business and get back to what really matters.

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