How to control freight transportation costs?


How does a 3PL help!

A logistics partner can help you control freight transportation costs by managing a significant portion or all of your logistics requirements. The partner may supply data, analytic, accounting, transportation cost comparisons and help support shipping account consolidation.

A third party logistics partner helps you save time and helps you gain from their expertise in supply chain management.  A good relationship ensures your logistics partner is helping your supply chain process.

Define your expectations

It is important that a logistics partner knows your expectations from the start. Agreement on processes, tracking and some key metrics that will be applied to the supply chain processes. Discuss your billing expectations and how they will be integrated into your transportation billing processes.

Have regular communication

It is important that you have regular communications with the logistics partner. Request regular meetings to discuss progress and any concerns on either side.

Risk management strategy

Your transport management strategy should incorporate risk management strategy.  There should be a clear procedure in which your 3PL would respond to different risks that may challenge your processes.

Manage change

Some employees may not support your decision to outsource your logistics’ accounting. Having a change management process will help bring some employees support and help them embrace the change and how it will benefit your company.

Take control of your freight transportation costs by implement the best strategies for the sake of your business and your team.

How DTA Services can help!

At DTA Services we audit and help you control freight transportation costs. As professionally-trained freight rate auditors, DTA’s team and systems know precisely where to find potential carrier over-charges.

Every day we identify opportunities to save our client’s money. DTA is an extension of your business and we take that responsibility seriously. We proactively identify opportunities to save your organization time and money and maximize efficiency. We also understand what information your team members need on a regular basis, and we deliver promptly and comprehensively. For example:

Finance Departments: We provide reports showing how freight expenses are allocated including: carrier name, invoice number, ship date, paid date, bill of lading or purchase order number, cost of transporting goods, accessorial charges (fuel surcharge, waiting time, appointment delivery, dangerous goods etc.), and general ledger allocation codes.

Transportation and Logistics Departments: We provide your logistics team with data and reports on shipping patterns and associated costs, including: origin and destination; drop ship locations; actual weight; cube weight; customer or supplier name; transfer between locations and/or warehouses; and any other industry specific fields clients require.

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