Discerning Transportation Analytics

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Imagine at your fingertips a comprehensive database of all your freight transportation costs and activities, with the ability to generate customized reports and drill down on every variable. These are the DTA Analytic Dashboards – a real-time, secure Web portal available 24/7.

Developed exclusively for our clients and their carriers, the DTA Analytic Dashboards provide you with visual charts and customizable reports of your organization’s freight transportation activity as processed by DTA for the past two years, current year, quarter, month and week.

The DTA Analytic Dashboards are a “by-product” of our meticulous analysis, processing and recording of every invoice handled by our team. Once the data is in our database, it becomes a rich resource for identifying trends and reporting on any activities you choose.

Discover Critical KPIs

For both finance and logistics departments, this is a valuable source of business intelligence. Clients can see every transaction on a line-by-line basis, or choose to view overall numbers in bar and pie charts. Other uses for the DTA Analytic Dashboards include viewing:

    • Your Top Ten carriers by dollars paid, weight shipped, cost per hundredweight and more
    • Accessorial charges as a percentage of freight paid
    • Freight direction, showing inbound, outbound, transfers and others
    • Outbound and Inbound shipments to/from your top 10 customers and vendors from each or all branches, displayed by dollars paid, average cost/lb., etc.
    • Outbound and Inbound shipments to/from each of your branches
    • Outbound and Inbound shipments by cities and provinces/states
    • Accrual costs
    • DTA’s services for your account by dollars billed, dollars paid, audit recoveries, duplicate catches, and accounting savings


Transportation Analytics | Freight Direction Dashboard Example:

Transportation Analytics | Accessorial Cost Dashboard Example:

Interested in learning more about the DTA Transportation Analytic Dashboards? Please call or email us for information and a free online Web demonstration.

DTA’s Rates Online Service

Need to know quickly which of your contracted carriers offers the best rate for a specified shipment weight to a specific location? With DTA’s Rates Online Service, you can get a carrier rate comparison instantly.

With our Rates Online Service, DTA can help your organization choose the best carrier for a specific weight based on origin and destination.

Our database already contains a complete inventory of your contracted carrier rates, and now you can tap that information source to calculate your rate and total cost to ship between two points.

Simply enter the origin and destination, along with the shipping date and shipment weight. DTA’s Rates Online then calculates your anticipated rate for each of your contracted carriers, including any fuel surcharges and taxes, and tabulates the data in order of least to most expensive to maximizing your freight shipping expenses.


Whether you are in a meeting or on-the-go, the DTA Rates Online Service gives you unrivalled access to your carrier rates data from anywhere in the world!

Please call or email us with any Transportation Analytic questions:

Tel: 416.487.3311 or info@dta.ca