Testimonials – Transportation Clients

While DTA clients see considerable savings in both time and money, they also appreciate our fast and efficient service, pro-active recommendations and broad industry knowledge. Here are just some of our clients’ comments.


John Hamilton
Metso Minerals (Client since 1997)
“In addition to your basic services, we enjoy the added benefits from the suggestions and recommendations to keep our transportation costs under control and at a minimum. It is with pleasure and without reservation that I recommend DTA Services to any prospective client.”
Chuck Gyuka
Selkirk Canada Corporation (Client since 2002)
“I enjoy working with my assigned Client Manager. She is extremely knowledgeable and understands freight rates and all the accessorial costs that the carriers attempt to charge. Under her careful watch, there is nothing extra that I pay.”
Luc Theriault
East Penn Canada (Client since 2007)
“I have been very pleased with the services provided by DTA. The start up process ensured that we are now well organized to track and understand our shipping costs. Instead of hiring extra staff, DTA is performing the entire function in a professional way at half the cost!”
Anne E. Duck
Flexible Technologies(Canada) Ltd. (Client since 1993)
“I do not know why anyone would want to process freight invoices in-house”. “That was my direct quote to various personnel when I visited the offices at DTA early last week. I have been delighted with the excellent service that has been provided to us since 1993.”
Lori Rivest
Gentek Building Products (Client since 1997)

“DTA is wonderful for me as it takes so much of the workload away from me. Gentek has 24 locations across Canada and there are multiple carriers shipping nationwide. As DTA processes and pays all the carriers, it saves me many hours on the telephone with the carriers and issuing many payments to the carriers.”
Denis Genereux
Kia Canada Inc. (Client since 2004)
“It is a pleasure to work with the great staff at DTA. The client service is excellent and the response time is fast so I get my answers quickly. By outsourcing this work to DTA it has saved Kia a lot of time”
Tom Gorham
KAO Brands Canada (Client since 2004)
“DTA has been able to provide that functionality probably at one-quarter of the cost of having to staff it ourselves,”
Rupert Gomes
Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. (Client since 1999)
“It’s so easy to work with DTA – our auditor is a dream and she is so forthright in suggesting ways to save Canadian Kawasaki money. The DTA Analytic Dashboards reports are user friendly and provide so much detail to help us with our freight forecasting. Bravo!”
Marc-André Boyer
Leviton Canada (Client since 2015)
“Nous sommes un nouveau client à DTA depuis Janvier 2015. Nous avons eu une implantation vraiment facile avec l’équipe de DTA. Je vois un grand et bel avenir avec cette société. Et les services qu’ils offrent sont plus qu’agréable d’avoir. Il devient essentiel dans mon travail.”
Scott Sinclair
Syngenta Canada  (Client since 2012)
“DTA has the “know how” and the flexibility to adapt to all types of freight payment.  Our business is very seasonal, using all transportation modes and with every mode there are different characteristics for payment.  DTA is able to audit and manage all of these with little interaction from us.  Also, their easy to use web reporting tools can be a significant time saver when completing freight data analysis and cost management.”