“DTA’s easy to use web reporting tools can be a significant time saver when completing freight data analysis and cost management.”

-Corporate Controller, Medical Products & Devices

 “We have operating systems which only estimate what a shipment will cost prior to shipping. With DTA, the shipment costs are not only correct, but we import them into our ERP system with confidence. As well, DTA’s rate shopping tool takes the guesswork out of shipping costs.”

– Manager, Inside Sales, Electronics


Why does DTA charge a fee rather than a percentage of what’s recovered?

Some auditing companies work on a contingency basis, sharing the amounts recovered with a client. At DTA Services, we do not believe in profiting from carrier billing errors. Our clients pay a monthly fee and receive all the money we recover on their behalf. Our fee covers the costs of auditing (ensuring each invoice/shipment has been charged correctly by your carriers) and accounting (applying GL-coding to each shipment).