The DTA Advantage

Our proprietary systems, built on our deep business experience and understanding of the transportation industry, are designed to do just two things – save our clients time and money.

Our Client Managers take the time to get to know each client’s business and shipping patterns. This helps us uncover unusual charges and billing errors, and to recommend ways of saving money on future shipments. Many of our clients have been with us for 25 years or more – a fact that speaks volumes about our ever-evolving capabilities.

Here are a few of the ways DTA will make a difference to your business.

  Inside Chatter

“We have an operating system which estimates what a shipment will cost but with cubing the estimates are often incorrect and as a result we incur the additional costs. With DTA the shipment costs are not only correct but we import them into our ERP system with confidence.”

– Director of IT, Packaging

1. You won’t pay a penny more than you should. 

No need to wonder whether you’re being charged the right amount, or paying more than you should. Our automated freight bill audit, reconciliation and payment systems ensure every invoice is 100% accurate. Each year, we save our clients millions. And, of equal importance, we take care of time-consuming tasks, freeing up your people to handle other pressing matters.

2. No more chasing carriers for overbillings. 

Checking every freight invoice to ensure the charges are in line with your negotiated carrier tariffs is a big job. And following up with carriers to sort out billing errors can consume many hours every month. With DTA’s pre-audit process, you’ll save hours each week, while eliminating the costs of processing and tracking payments. We’ll check invoices for proper routing, description of goods, weight extensions, tariff rules and regulations, special negotiated rates, taxes and US and/or Canadian dollar issues. And, when a discrepancy is uncovered, we’ll work with your carrier to get it resolved.

3. GL-coding enables informed decisions.

Multiple shipping locations… hundreds of customers… dozens of product lines? No problem. Calculating a customer’s true cost is straightforward and automatic when you use DTA’s automated GL-coding process. What’s more, with freight costs properly allocated, you will be able to better analyze the profitability of a location, customer, or product line.

4. The information you need, when you need it. 

Need to find out what the Edmonton branch spent on outbound freight last year? How about what you spent on a particular carrier or customer? Because we gather and store all your freight data, this information is available when you need it through DTA’s secure web portal and your personal analytic dashboards. Using your analytic dashboards, you can monitor your transportation spend and how it breaks down by carrier, lane and destination – 24/7. When the time comes to negotiate tariffs, we put our up-to-date database of carrier rates to work helping you compare carrier proposals and clearing up any uncertainty around rates and accessorial charges.

5. Filing a loss or damage claim is a snap.

Finding and verifying a freight charge is no problem with DTA’s optional Scan and Store Service and Claims Management Service. You’ll find all the documents you need to deal with damaged or exception (short or over) deliveries including the invoice, bill of lading and proof of delivery. All are easily accessible, and can be downloaded in a variety of formats. Plus, these services are environmentally friendly.

6. Data formatted for your system. 

DTA’s proprietary system eliminates the need for time-consuming reformatting and data entry. At your request, we will format your audited and GL-coded freight data and send it directly to your ERP system – SAP, Oracle, Clippership, you name it. Plus, we will match your electronic freight activity file with your carriers’ freight invoices and supporting documentation, and produce customized reports on demand.

7. Ongoing recommendations to save you even more. 

By getting to know your business and the way your shipping works, our Client Managers are well placed to recommend ways of reducing the cost of future shipments. We understand every client has unique needs and we invest the time before we start working on your account to know your issues and goals. From freight volume fluctuations to uncertain traffic patterns to ongoing reporting requirements, our recommendations take full account of your unique needs and shipping patterns. 

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