Some auditing companies work on a contingency basis, sharing the amounts recovered with a client. At DTA Services, we do not believe in profiting from carrier billing errors. Our clients pay a monthly fee and receive all the money we recover on their behalf. Our fee covers the costs of auditing (ensuring each invoice/shipment has been charged correctly by your carriers), accounting (applying GL-coding to each shipment) and reconciling any carrier billing errors.

No, you won’t. DTA’s Client Managers reconcile all freight bill errors on your behalf, and deal directly with your carriers allowing you to cross this time-consuming task off your to-do list

We’ve been in the freight bill audit business for 100 years, and we’ve written the book on shipping data analytics, freight invoice auditing, carrier payments and financial reporting. Every day we bring our extensive knowledge to bear on uncovering billing errors. Far from being complacent about our success, we are continually innovating and updating our systems. And we’re known for our outstanding customer service and ability to save our clients time and money.

When it comes to auditing and controlling freight costs, there is no question about which option produces the most thorough results. As professionally-trained freight rate auditors, our people know precisely where to find potential errors. Our systems zero in on duplicate invoices and incorrect charges, and flag everything that requires attention. Plus, our extensive database of carrier rates is without equal. Replicating our capabilities would siphon off resources that most companies would rather invest in other areas

The short answer is no. Transportation activities generate a lot of paper, and DTA offers clients a quick and inexpensive way of significantly reducing both the cost and the space required to store documents. At your request, we will scan and store your documents for seven years, and provide you with a fast and easy way to retrieve whatever you need.

No, DTA is a freight bill auditor. We do not broker loads, hire and manage a carrier base or dispatch shipments.

DTA does not audit these charges but we can process customs and duties documents.

DTA pays carriers in Canadian and US dollars.

No, DTA remains Canada’s premier freight bill audit company.

Yes. DTA has representation in Quebec and our web portal and promotional materials are available in both official languages.

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Whether you ship dozens of cereal brands or hundreds of auto parts assigning a GL-code to track costs will enable your finance and logistics teams to develop rich data on every SKU, and help you make more informed decisions.

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