Our Team

Kevin Taylor
Vice President, General Manager

Recognized for leading with a positive, winning attitude, Kevin has 30-plus years of professional transportation experience.

Kevin graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1988 and has been in the transportation business ever since. Progressing through a number of roles including sales, senior leadership, and general management, Kevin has always focused on providing a positive work environment and prides himself on working collaboratively to present unprecedented value to his customers.

Kevin’s core values of integrity, work ethic and a winning attitude complement DTA’s core principles of dependability, trustworthiness and accountability.

Gilles Lefebvre
Regional Vice President, Business Development

With more than three decades of transportation industry experience, Gilles understands the economics of the transportation business.

Gilles joined DTA in 2013, bringing with him a wealth of experience in developing innovative sales solutions for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) services.

During his more than 30-year career, Gilles has earned a sterling reputation for integrity and an unwavering commitment to providing his clients with sound, pragmatic advice. An admitted ‘old school’ professional, his track record, resourcefulness and industry experience have proven to be a winning combination for DTA’s Quebec-based clients.

Stephanie Jemiolo
Vice President, Operations

With 40 years of freight industry experience, Stephanie oversees DTA’s IT department where she works closely with a team of IT architects, programmers and technicians to deliver the information and reporting that DTA clients need.

Stephanie strives to drive efficiency both at DTA and with DTA’s clients and she manages every client’s specific requirements swiftly and thoroughly.

During her time at DTA Stephanie has seen remarkable changes: from paper freight documents, typewriters and carbon paper, manual processes and cheques to electronic data interchange, dual screen, fully automated freight bill processing and GL-coding, electronic funds transfer, scanned images and the cloud.

Ann Bartholomew
Vice President, Special Projects and Human Resources

In more than 30 years with DTA, Ann has learned the business from the bottom up.

An acknowledged expert in auditing and reconciling freight bills, Ann thrives on helping clients improve their profitability by reducing their transportation costs. She handles client requests for carrier rate analyses, benchmarking exercises and freight tenders and is passionate about exceeding client expectations.

When wearing her Human Resources Manager hat, Ann mentors and manages DTA’s team of Client Managers.  In this role, Ann derives immense satisfaction from supporting staff members and helping them to perform at their highest levels.