About DTA

We’re not your average freight bill auditors!

For 100 years, we’ve been processing freight bills to uncover billing errors and help clients achieve meaningful supply chain efficiencies. And, while our business model has evolved, one thing has never changed: our unequivocal focus on providing responsive service and measurable savings.

We put you in charge.

We help your logistics and finance teams take charge of your freight spend by uncovering any and all billing errors. We remove the time-consuming tasks of matching invoices to purchase orders, assigning charges to the right account, following up with carriers to correct improper billings, and paying freight bills.

Our clients come first.

How have we managed to remain at the forefront of freight bill auditing for so long?

Quite simply, by putting our clients first. We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our processes and make it easier for clients to save time and money. That’s not just our opinion, by the way. We hear it from our clients. All the time.

“We’ve worked with other freight auditors but DTA is far and away the best.”

– VP, Finance, Telecommunications
Our Client Managers are logistics professionals. They know where to look for billing errors and discrepancies. Not only will you save on freight with DTA on your team, you’ll free up some much-needed time to take care of the many other tasks involved in managing your supply chain.

Freight Talk

When it comes to freight, every business should be monitoring general metrics like freight as a percentage of sales. Identifying metrics unique to your business will help you see the total picture.


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