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About Us

Based on the President and CEO Melissa Gracey’s vision of Dependable, Trustworthy, Accountable, DTA strives to provide the best transportation freight audit, payment, reporting services to US, Canada and international clients. Our vision is not just to process freight audit transactions for our clients, but we are looking to build long-term trusting relationships with our clients, by providing them with effective services. We also believe in cost-efficiency, and paying attention to all details so that you do not over spend, therefore we have designed an excellent web based solutions that allows our clients to communicate their exact requirements to us at any time.

We believe that we can provide excellent freight auditing, payment and reporting services because of the following factors:


DTA has gathered years of experience and an excellent team of experts who have provided freight audit processing services to thousands of clients in the US, Canada and International. Based on our experience we have designed a fair cost mechanism process for our manufacturing, distribution and other clients to ensure that they are never over charged for transportation services.

Modern Analytic Dashboard

Since we believe in dependability, accountability and trust, we have an excellent technology based solution for our clients such as our secure web-portal that enables clients to create customizable reports for their organization’s freight activity. We want to make freight audit process simpler and easier for our clients, thus our web-portal is available 24/7 for our clients, and our DTA Analytic Dashboard can also be employed by clients to change any variables of freight auditing according to their requirements.

We will never let you go Over

We recover roughly 2.5% of finances spent because of over billing and duplicate invoicing recovery, with our efficient freight auditing process, and we also provide our clients consultation services to help them budget their transportation costs and ensure that they are not over spending on freight. Typically, the Return on Investment for clients after subtracting DTAs fee is 2:1.

Since our core values and services are based on the ideas of Dependable, Trustworthy and Accountable we welcome you to try our services our meet our expert team before you outsource your freight audit process to us. So, contact us through call or email or visit us for a free consultation session and we will show you how we can save your funds by providing an efficient freight auditing process

Transportation and Logistics

The Freight Audit Process: We provide your logistics team with data and reports on shipping patterns and associated costs, including: origin and destination; drop ship locations; actual weight; cube weight; customer or supplier name; transfer between locations and/or warehouses; and any other industry specific fields clients require.

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