Freight Audit Process

Our freight audit process is based on the research, experience and knowing freight costs can make up 4% of an organization’s expenditure. As a consequence of rising freight costs, an increasing number of organizations have become more proactive in controlling freight cost and outsourced the freight audit process to freight audit specialist like DTA Services.

The inbound logistics details the freight audit process:

The auditing process, a freight logistics company receives its clients’ freight bills directly from partner carriers. When the bills are received, either through electronic data interchange or manual paper/pdf, the data is processed in the DTA system, providing immediate visibility. Once the data is entered, it is audited for accuracy. The Auditing process verifies the bills’ validity,  duplicate payments, accessorial charges, and use of correct tariffs. After the freight audit process, the charges are coded and reconciled, and freight bills are paid.

DTA Services has found for many companies, outsourcing could be the most economical way to properly audit and process freight invoices. Also have found that the cost of outsourcing is approximately 5 to 10% of the internal cost, which does not include the savings from invoice discrepancies. The discrepancies can be as much as 5% of the freight invoices.

Transportation and Logistics – The Freight Audit Process:

We provide your logistics team with data and reports on shipping patterns and associated costs, including: origin and destination; drop ship locations; actual weight; cube weight; customer or supplier name; transfer between locations and/or warehouses; and any other industry specific fields clients require.

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